Stone Bathroom, Ideas and Advice

The elegant and welcoming stone bathroom could be the right choice for your home! We discover the characteristics and why many choose this type of bathroom.

Who does not dream of living in a cozy home, and that reflects his personality! When you return home after a day of work, full of stress, you just want to relax, perhaps taking a long, hot bath.

Having a bathroom that resembles the spa as much as possible makes your home more comfortable and relaxing. Recently, the bathroom has left the marginal role it had been given in the past decades to become the hub of the home where to enjoy a moment of comfort. An increasingly predominant role in the choices for the realization of the own design bathroom is taken from the stone.

Stone bathroom, features

The use of stone helps to create a rustic bathroom with great visual and emotional impact, be it a large bathroom or just a small bathroom.

The stone can lend itself to completely different uses allowing you to customize the bathroom according to your tastes. Modern bathrooms can be created with the insertion of stone inserts or services obtained with natural stone, to make the stone the true fulcrum of the bathroom, transforming it into a mix of elegance and rusticity at the same time.

First of all, we need to understand the predominance that the stone must have within the design.

On the market, there are functional and impressive stone furnishings. The inclusion of a sink or bathtub in natural stone in shades of gray combined with white ceramic or white quartz paint could allow you to recreate an oriental style. The clean and linear cuts of the stone adapt well to spaces with a minimalist configuration.

In the event that we prefer ceramic toilets, we can still integrate the stone into our bathroom. Completely or even partially covering a bathroom wall with a stone bathroom coating would give the room character and tone.

In the event that the environment allows it, you could create a dividing wall covered in stone, with integrated stones or with a stone top. The stone tops to be used in a functional bathroom are practical and easy to match with ceramic services.

The choice of the color of the stone top will be decisive for the style you want to give to the bathroom. The warm colors of natural stone for the bathroom can make us recall a classic and timeless style.

The cold colors, on the other hand, will manage to give it a modern and almost aseptic character. We cannot ignore masonry baths. Stone is undoubtedly the star of this category.

Whether it is integrated into the masonry itself or used as a wall covering, we will always be able to find the stone that is right for us.

If we prefer a ceramic- clad masonry bathroom, we could equally integrate stone elements as a choice-sized washbasin with regular geometry.

If we decide not to follow a criterion of choice based on the shade of the mother stone, we might consider choosing the stone that suits us based on the intrinsic finish or processing of the stone itself.

Natural stone bathroom, why choose it

The choice of natural stone is always preferable to the constitution of a stone-effect bathroom. Although natural stone needs more care and attention than other materials that reproduce its effect, the overall result can be appreciated more.

The cuts and the different color facets of the natural stone give uniqueness to our bathroom. While using the same stone to reproduce a bathroom faithfully, this will never be the same.

The grain of the stone varies from centimeter to centimeter with unique and irreproducible shades in other places. The roughness and the porous effect that is characteristic of the roughest stones are never able to reproduce it satisfactorily with artificial materials. Among the natural stones that lend themselves most well to use in environments such as the bathroom are: the Leccese stone (Paglierina, gray, white or Carparo), the Ardesia, Rapollano stone, Travertine, Sandstone, marble, and granite in general.

Stone bathroom furniture

As for the stone bathroom furniture, we can really find it for all tastes. The elements may have been obtained from a single block of natural stone or from multiple blocks and therefore consist of assembled parts.

Among the elements constituted by a single block, we find the sinks and the basins. These two elements can be placed inside the bathroom either by setting them inside a masonry bathroom or by enhancing their beauty, even more, making them the fulcrum of the entire bathroom.

Stone and wood bathrooms

If, on the other hand, we want to inspire a style that recalls rural tradition, the combination of stone and wood is ideal.

Axes of wood or wood portions on which the bark is still present can be used in the bathrooms giving it hardiness. These rustic woods can be combined with washbasins and tubs.

We can use reclaimed woods to create furnishing elements to be placed inside the bathroom. Ancient chestnut beams or woods carried on the beach by the current lend themselves well to being able to build shelves and floor lamps to furnish the bathroom. The rustic style is advisable if we wanted to furnish a mountain house or a country cottage in which the wood is already the master.

The countless shades of stone blend perfectly with those of wood, allowing us to create combinations or contrasts of color to enhance one or more bathroom features at will.

Matching dark woods such as oak, cherry, or walnut to elements in Lecce stone, travertine, Rapollano stone, or light-colored stones and marbles would highlight them.

Wood can be used both for floors (parquet) and for cabinets and shelves on which to rest the sanitary ware.

Light woods such as birch, bamboo, light oak, pine, or further highlight the dark stone fixtures (eg, slate) or marbles and granites with colors and dark veins. As for dark woods, even light ones are not only suitable for parquet floors but are able to dampen the cold tones of the stone, making the bathroom warmer and more welcoming.

The Shabby Chic style is also very popular. This style, dating back to the old country houses of Great Britain, consists of combining rustic and retro elements with elements that are always rustic but modern. The white is predominant in this style.

Wooden furniture painted in white, with a deliberately imperfect painting, almost scratched or peeled against the slate, fully represents its style. Furthermore, combining these elements with modern taps and arranging some plants here and there makes a classic bathroom unique.

If we love the rustic, but not the country style, we can make the bathroom rustic and chic at the same time. Using light shades of wicker, pine, or fir wood combined with equally light stones can add a French or bohemian touch to the room.

If our home is a loft in a recently built building, we can always resort to the rustic style, combining it with the industrial style. Modern and square stone workmanship gives the modern and minimal style we need. The steel of the taps and dark and rustic wood will be a good contrast in the industrial style, and the stone will make the elements compensate.

The stone can, therefore, be perfect for any style you want to use.

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