Shabby Chic Bathrooms, Ideas and Advice

Romantic and refined, the shabby-chic style tells of distant atmospheres and conquers with the simplicity of its elegance. Just browse through a trade magazine to realize that this style has become a must of the furniture. How to get impeccable shabby chic bathrooms? Here are some tips.

The term shabby-chic was coined by the US magazine “The world of interiors” around the eighties and literally meant “shabby chic.” The furniture shabby proudly wear the signs of aging.

Small fissures, a slightly faded or peeled color, are delicate banners of the past, of Victorian atmospheres, of domestic warmth that unites past and present. The shabby-chic is not just a style, but a real philosophy of life.

The true shabby-chic style, what fine connoisseurs would define as “textbook,” is expressed with must-haves that cannot be missed. Among these we find:

  • Pastel colors

Shabby does not like strong and noisy colors. Pastel pink, dusty blue, gray, mint green, or chalky white are the typical colors of this style.

  • Floral and natural fabrics

The shabby flees from the glossy atmospheres, light years away from the heart of this philosophy. For this reason, the favorite fabrics are cotton, linen while the floral patterns, soft and delicate, are ideal for expressing the soul of this style.

  • Wood

Another great protagonist is pickled wood, maybe a little ruined and dented because it shows the signs of aging. The shabby furniture has very simple lines or is characterized by precious carvings and friezes

  • Porcelain, wrought iron, candles and bouquets of flowers

The shabby style tells itself through the accessories that play a fundamental role.

Decorating shabby chic is fun. Just rummage in grandma’s closets or find old objects made precious by the patina of time in antique markets. The beauty of this style is just the recovery, playing with things, and composing the decor of one’s dreams like the small pieces of a puzzle.

How to furnish a shabby chic bathroom

If your dream is to furnish the bathroom in a shabby style, know that you are in good company. Until a few decades ago, it was the least furnished room in the house. Sometimes neglected, it counted the presence of few and simple furniture.

O oday, the interior designers play with shapes, colors and offer refined and original solutions.

The shabby style in the bathroom tells of feminine and romantic atmospheres, suffused lights, and a state of grace that can be felt in every corner. Before you start designing your furniture, ask yourself what you want to do, whether to completely distort the room, or create some small shabby references.

The watchword in shabby-chic is only one: harmony. Precisely for this reason, establish a priori your favorite color palette.

Follow the latest trends that offer the combination of classic white with pastel gray or anthracite. L ‘ apricot or lilac enhance the beige or blue is perfect with white. What is the color that excites you? Remember that everything has to talk about you, even the smallest detail.

Play to combine the vintage lines of shabby bathroom furniture with colors, soft atmospheres, and textiles. Not only will it be fun, but the result will repay you for all the hard work.

If you intend to paint the walls, before choosing the color, consider how much light enters your bathroom. If well lit, you can also choose cold shabby hues such as gray or blue, in addition to the classic milky white.

If the room is not well lit, heat it with the pastel shades of pink, lilac or yellow. Try to create a chromatic continuity even with the color of the furniture and do not underestimate the absolutely amazing effect of tone on tone.

You can also choose wallpaper, but in this case, you will first need to make sure it is completely water repellent.

If your intention is to redo the look at the bathroom completely, it’s time to think about the sanitary ware.

Browse the trade magazines to get an idea of ​​the lines that will still have to be harmonious and delicate. Retro profiles and delicate colors will be the flagship of the sanitary ware.

The bathtub deserves a separate discussion. If space allows you, choose a freestanding model to show off at the center of the bathroom. On the market, you will find various solutions, even with finely chiseled feet or covered with small planks of raw wood. If space instead allows only the installation of a shower cabin, you have two solutions. You can choose an elegant vintage shower curtain or leave the shower enclosure as it is.

The shabby style, in fact, manages to integrate with any element, even the most modern.

The bathroom furniture shabby is the highlight of this style. Choose them carefully, obviously favoring pickled and antiqued wood that can somehow give the feeling of the past.

You can also create a pleasant mix of wood, wrought iron, and wicker to create a dynamic and impactful decor. The beauty of this style is that it allows you to choose any piece of furniture and make it shabby.

As a washbasin, you can also use old salvaged furniture that gives the impression of a pleasant leap into the past. Use your imagination and a pinch of dexterity. You can turn an anonymous piece of furniture into a beautiful shabby object simply by using chalk paint.

This paint is a must for those who love shabby atmospheres. Ready to use, just one pass is enough to give a vintage look to the piece of furniture you like. Don’t forget about practicality. Choose furniture that allows you to store towels and beauty products comfortably.

Do you have an old bedside table with more shelves? Paint it with chalk paint and place it near the tub. You can use it to place your toiletries along with some scented candles.

If the room is spacious, get yourself a vintage armchair to put in a corner to recreate the serene and relaxing atmosphere of the beautiful farms.

The chandelier can be chosen in wrought iron or wood. Choose the lighting carefully, taking advantage of the possibility of creating different light points that are able to give a soft atmosphere to the whole bathroom.

Shabby chic bathroom accessories: which to choose

The shabby accessories can immediately change your bathroom’s appearance. A towel, a bouquet of flowers, or an old shelf immediately talk about you and your home.

An accessory that must not be missed is the mirror. In addition to the classic one on the washbasin, you can add other mirrors to your bathroom to expand the volume of the room. A beautiful and practical solution is represented by the mirror on the ground that you can place in an empty corner of the bathroom.

Whatever your choice, remember that to be shabby, every mirror will have to be equipped with a frame.

The classic is the white one decorated with small friezes. The alternative instead is a frame made of wrought iron that you can combine with the chandelier or other accessories made of the same material.

Get some shelves, useful in small bathrooms for storing towels, small items, or delicious ornaments.

The fabrics are the most important part of the accessories shabby. The towels, especially if exhibited with grace and a touch of glamor, are able to become the heart of the room.

Choose wipes and bathrobes in cotton, terry, or linen, like the old grandmother’s outfits. Play with soft tones and patterns. A little trick is to combine the predominant shade of patterned fabric with solid-colored curtains. You can use small lace and doilies to decorate shelves and shelves.

Trust your imagination in the choice of knick-knacks.

A practical and valid solution from the aesthetic point of view is the wicker baskets. Useful for storing your items and beauty products, they give a rustic and vintage look to your bathroom. Don’t forget the scented candles, and if space allows, some plants strategically positioned to give your shabby chic bathroom a pleasant natural refreshment.

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