Sanitary Suspended or on the Ground? Advice and Prices

The bathroom fixtures are fundamental elements that have revolutionized the hygiene standards of our homes. Today, there are different models, shapes, and sizes available on the market to satisfy all personal needs and tastes kohler cimarron review.

Suspended sanitary ware

The sanitary suspended represents the most modern solution and trendy. They are not fixed to the ground, like traditional models, but on the wall. Even the water drain is on the wall, a factor that makes them quieter than those on the ground. In order for the sanitary fixtures to be fixed to the wall, the wall must have a thickness of at least 12 cm, in the case in which this is thinner it is necessary to build a wall to be placed in front of the wall.

One of the major advantages of suspended sanitary fittings is undoubtedly the aesthetic factor: they have an attractive design, are modern and very elegant. From a practical point of view, instead, the suspended vessels have the enormous advantage of allowing a deeper and easier cleaning, provided they are positioned at a certain height. Otherwise, they only make it more complicated. Furthermore, the suspended sanitary ware is less bulky and therefore, perfect for those who do not have a lot of space or in any case, want an airier and less “full” environment.

However, suspended models are generally more expensive than traditional models, especially when sanitary design ware is chosen. Moreover, given that in most of the houses, there are still WC and bidet on the ground, to install sanitary fittings on the wall, it may be necessary to resort to renovations to move drains and pipes. Finally, the positioning must be done by expert personnel because if not fixed properly, the suspended sanitary fittings tend to move.

Ground sanitary ware

They are the traditional sanitary fixtures fixed directly to the floor. The drain is on the ground or on the wall, as is the water box. Nowadays, they still represent a very wide choice due to the simplicity of installation that usually does not require large interventions. In addition to the classic bathroom fixtures, there are also those on the ground flush with the wall, made with more modern and discreet designs.

The vases, even if placed on the floor, are adjacent to the wall, and it is in the wall that the drain and pipes are placed. The positioning, however, must be done in a workmanlike manner to prevent excessive space from being formed between the bathroom and the wall. The disadvantages of the sanitary ware on the ground are due to the fact that they are larger than the suspended models, so they take up more space and make the environment heavier. Furthermore, their structure makes cleaning more difficult.

Sanitary according to the style of the bathroom

When choosing sanitary ware, it is important to take into account the style that you want to give to the bathroom so that the environment is harmonious and welcoming. For example, the suspended bathroom fixtures are perfect for the most modern and minimalist bathrooms, while the more classic ones fit better on the floor.

Today there is a wide variety of models on the market that offer water and bidet of different sizes, shapes, materials, and styles: from classic to contemporary, from industrial to vintage, from liberty to minimal. However, in recent years, it is the modern style in all its variants that predominates on the market, with smaller dimensions, simple and clean lines.

Sanitary models: some examples

What health care to buy?

When it is necessary to decide which sanitary ware to buy, in addition to one’s personal tastes, one must take into consideration the position of the drains and the possibility of carrying out interventions to move them, the budget, and the style that one wants to give to the environment. Here is an overview of some of the many models of sanitary ware that can be found for sale on the internet.

Wall-mounted wall-hung sanitary fixtures, Klass Bidet Yellowshop model, and wall-hanging wall-hung WC with dimensions 50 x 35.5 x 30 cm. The toilet seat is included and has soft close (slow closing), while the taps are not included. The design is elegant and modern, characteristic of the brand.

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