Luxury Bathrooms: Ideas and Advice

Relaxation and well-being guaranteed by modern and elegant furnishing solutions, these are luxury bathrooms. A personal space where you can take refuge whenever you want to spend some time with yourself. Personal hygiene but also body and personal care. Small privileges that we can give ourselves every day at home, just knowing how to choose.

Luxury bathrooms: styles and types

There are many styles and types of luxury bathrooms from which to take inspiration before starting the renovation work. Modern, contemporary, minimal, or in baroque style, there is plenty of choices. What usually makes a bathroom more special than the others, however, to be honest, is the attention to detail and refined design. From flooring to bathroom fixtures, nothing should be overlooked.

The solutions proposed in these cases are really many, even if, especially with regard to furnishing accessories, sometimes it takes very little to give that extra touch of preciousness to the environment. Before choosing, however, what needs to be done is to understand well which style should be inspired for the design of our luxury bathroom. Needless to say, as with all other rooms in the apartment, it is advisable to opt for a style that is continuous with respect to the rest of the house.

A modern luxury bathroom, for example, can be minimal or put everything on abstract design pieces that are a little more specific. Equally different are the solutions offered to those who prefer a contemporary or classic style, where often one or more materials alternate with the predominant furnishings, generating movement thanks to the contrast. There is also a wide range of proposals on the market, also in terms of antique style, where elegant and elegant furniture is combined with rich and luxurious furnishing accessories. As you can see, there is only one style you will choose but many different combinations to which you can refer.

Luxury bathrooms: materials

However, the guidelines set out above regarding the predominant style of a luxury bathroom do not apply in principle to the materials used for its construction. Having chosen the material we like, in fact, it is possible to adapt the same to our needs and our personal tastes as we see fit.

Think of marble as an example; it is one of the most used materials in luxury bathrooms, probably because it manages to marry well with any style or type of furniture. However, the choice of materials, even if free, cannot be left to chance. Precious materials, in fact, that distinguish a luxury bathroom from any other bathroom.

A highly appreciated combination, among many, is, for example, the one that combines porcelain and marble elements with gold and antique furniture and/or accessories. If your tastes are more modern, then you can always opt for a different contrast. Glass and wood, porcelain and steel, glass and steel, marble and steel, and so on, up to find the combination that best suits your tastes. Combinations like these enrich the essential and minimal style, giving that extra personality to your bathroom that, thanks to these small details, will turn into a real luxury bathroom.

Luxury bathrooms: which accessories

A particular chandelier, a majestic mirror, a prestigious piece of furniture, or perhaps a piece of furniture for collectors are the accessories that make the difference in a luxury bathroom. It’s about choosing particular objects or elements that you wouldn’t find in any other basic bathroom.

Sometimes it takes very little to make a difference. Of the soaps made embellished, for example, or fine knobs instead of the classic knobs for furniture. Don’t neglect the details and take care of every corner of your bathroom, just so you will make the environment unique. Lights, windows, and a play of colors will then complete the whole, making the atmosphere elegant and refined.

Try to get an idea in advance, do your research, and take note of everything. Before buying, however, get advice from industry experts. Many stores use the assistance of qualified professionals in their customer service. Do not rely on those who, on the contrary, in terms of quality and assistance, cannot guarantee the right guarantees. Years of experience and well-executed jobs are the first business card of a serious and reliable professional, always keep it in mind.

Luxury bathrooms: what prices?

The cost of a luxury bathroom varies (up or down) depending on the choices and decisions taken from time to time. In general, however, it can be said that, for the design of a complete bathroom, the base starting price is around € 2,500.00. It is important, however, to also consider other variants in this first evaluation phase, such as labor costs and lead times.

The manual work and the time taken to build a luxury bathroom can be very different from those required for the renovation of any bathroom. The quality and prestige of the materials require special care and attention. This leads to a greater waste of energy and time, which, consequently, weighs on the final price requested by the company that will carry out the work. In fact, the final expense will be made up of all these items. Therefore, try to put this in the budget, too, by drawing a little of the general sums and analyzing the various outputs.

Luxury bathrooms: how to save money?

It is true, to expect a luxury bathroom trying to save as much as possible in the final expense may seem a paradox. However, it is not so. Is it possible then to save in cases like these? The answer is yes, it is possible. In fact, you can give yourself small treats and pleasures without having to overdo it. Such as? Just fix the posts beforehand, understand what you want, and try to wait for the right time before purchasing.

Try to acquire all possible information first, compare the various estimates and, if necessary, contact more companies until you can tell yourself totally satisfied with your choice.

Do not underestimate the reductions and incentives that the Stability Law has reconfirmed in the new year. These are tax benefits that I can save a good chunk of expense through specific deductions on the tax that affects individuals. What does it mean? Simple, the law recognizes the possibility for the purchaser to recover part of the money spent through reductions and discounts on the total personal income tax to be paid to the State at the end of the year.

These steps can be crucial even for those who do not need to pay attention to expenses. It’s a smart move that, in addition to guaranteeing you the best, will allow you to compare what the competition offers. It is useless to spend money that, on the contrary, you could have saved. If for you, ” luxury ” also means not missing anything, then comparing quotes is the first step towards complete satisfaction. In these cases, in fact, the contractor company will not provide you with a list with only the expense items, but, on the contrary, it will also include the services and assistance that the latter undertakes to guarantee to the customer. It is, therefore, a question of choosing, for the same price, the best, having immediately understood the final result.

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