Jacuzzi: A Brand for the Bathroom

The Jacuzzi brand is a brand of great interest and relevance from a historical point of view, as well as for what concerns the same productivity of the company: an ancient brand, which was born over a century ago. But what are the characteristics of this brand? What is the range of products, and what are the solutions and reference prices? And above all, how can you save money?

The origins of the Jacuzzi brand

The Jacuzzi brand – which today we know all over the world, therefore, and not only in Italy, as a product brand for the bathroom, such as whirlpool and multifunctional bathtubs – is a brand that boasts a very ancient history. It was born, in fact, over a century ago, when the Jacuzzi brothers emigrated to California, in search of professional and work opportunities but above all of the growth: many were the experiences of the brothers, and many studies and researches that were carried out to offer always the best of production.

In 1968, however, the moment of real change came about. And it was precisely in that year that one of the nephews of the seven Jacuzzi brothers, a third-generation member, proposed a hydromassage tub with specific integrated nozzles and a hydromassage system, which was the first official example of what we now call, in jargon, simply Jacuzzi, often ignoring that in fact, Jacuzzi is simply the name of the brand.

Although during the previous years, the Jacuzzi brothers and the various family members had always distinguished themselves for having conceived and produced unique solutions of their kind, that year it was decisive and made possible, therefore, the possibility of obtaining growth increasingly constant and increasingly related to the well-being and health of people. Today, the brand boasts its important presence in many countries and in many countries, but always maintains the effective respect of Italy and is a sought after and recognized the brand, with as many as 250 patents and over a century of history.

Jacuzzi: the range of products

The Jacuzzi brand undoubtedly boasts an increasingly advanced and cutting-edge philosophy and technology and clearly also able to offer sensational relaxation methods. In fact, it is a highly and qualitatively specialized brand in the production of products suitable for two specific requirements concerning both hydrotherapy – or water therapy – and well-being.

As far as hydrotherapy is concerned, we must not forget in this sense the intuition that comes from the thoughts of one of the seven brothers, who, in order to fight the rheumatoid arthritis of which his son suffered, studied and patented a product that helped to cure the disturbance with the help of water — insights of which one of the founders of the Jacuzzi brand is still thanked today.

As far as wellness is concerned, we remind you that the range of Jacuzzi products is certainly a very wide range also from the qualitative point of view and thus able to offer increasingly intelligent solutions.

Hydrotherapy and wellness are, therefore, perfectly connected. The effects that the first has on the second, in fact, are certainly very positive effects, also thanks to continuous research to achieve perfection with regard to Jacuzzi brand products.

Among the various products we can refer to in this sense, it is worth mentioning, without a doubt, the characteristic hot tub, able to offer the desired relaxation through the intelligent use of a basic element in the life of a person, water, precisely.

But what are the positive aspects of a hot tub?

Hydromassage can have countless beneficial effects, such as:

  • Relief from the pain and stress of everyday life, with the maximum achievement of relaxation.
  • Blood and organ circulation.
  • The immune system, which is strengthened.
  • Purified skin.
  • Easy to relax.

Specialized in the production of tubs and showers, it proposes both hydromassage tubs and showers – possibly multifunctional – and simple products.

Jacuzzi: reference prices

An important aspect needs to be clarified: not all whirlpool baths and not all showers, therefore, have the same cost. When you decide to rely on a serious and qualified company, able to offer all the positive aspects we talked about, obviously we think about the fact that the cost of the products can vary, depending on:

  • Product dimensions;
  • Type of product (whether it is a bathtub or a shower, or a column or multifunctional cabin);
  • Type of relaxation, or if it is complete hydrotherapy (with hydromassage) or not.

Generally speaking, a Jacuzzi with six massage jets and a balneotherapy shower with 30 dorsal micro-jets, can cost around 900.00 euros even if, indeed, there is something for all tastes and for all needs.

Jacuzzi: the best models

The models of the Jacuzzi are variable, depending on whether it’s the hot or “simple” shower, and it is for this reason that it is good to try to make the right evaluations.

Among the most interesting, we remember:

  • The Energy range, with the various differences in terms of size and dimensions, but also in terms of comfort and available options. It can be a valid choice for those who want to stay at a low cost.
  • The Aura range, equipped with the most classic and traditional hydromassage system.
  • The MyWay range, with maximum customization and effectiveness, also thanks to the internal ergonomic design that makes this bathtub highly functional and flexible and able to respond to any need.
  • The Opalia range, with classic hydromassage but many new features with regards to options, which can be customized, together with the refined finishes of high quality and value.

The cost obviously varies according to the models that are required.

Jacuzzi products: how to choose them

The models, as we have seen, are many, and many of them nowadays represent proposals that are certainly worth knowing, and to deepen before taking your choice forward.

A choice that goes anyway is intelligent and functional, but it is good that it is still done intelligently and with criteria, knowing your needs and the answers that each model may be able to provide. Those who need a simple, classic, and low-cost model can opt for a basic product, while those who also want fine finishes and additional options may need a more sophisticated product.

Obviously, these differences are also configured with regard to the costs of the various products, which can arise in the event of purchasing a whirlpool bath complete with all the options and features currently available, such as, for example, finishing of quality, underwater light, latest-generation technologies.

Jacuzzi: how to save

Depending on whether the product is simple or sought after, you can save. It is possible to do this, even in the case of a product of high quality and quality, always referring to the possibility of taking advantage of estimates and online reviews, also with regard to the most expensive products.

Furthermore, by requesting more estimates from different companies, it is certainly possible to carry out more precise assessments that are as close as possible to one’s needs to maintain the right balance between quality and price.

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