Ideas to Replace the Tub with the Shower

Is replacing the tub with the shower a viable solution? Is it cheap? Well … Is it worth it? The answer is yes in all three cases. Here are the benefits that come from replacing the tub with the shower, the most practiced solutions, and an overview of the costs.

The advantages of replacing the tub with the shower

Replacing the tub with the shower is a choice that brings with it many advantages, both in economic and practical terms. Here are some.

  • Space-saving. As can be easily understood, replacing the tub with the shower saves a lot of space. Even the smallest of the tubs are larger than a shower cubicle. Not a small advantage: the space obtained can be used to enhance the decor or, more simply, to give the room a feeling of spaciousness.
  • Water-saving. Showering involves, on average, less water than in the bathroom. Although, as can be assumed, the extent of saving depends on the habits of the individual.
  • Elimination of architectural barriers. Although there are solutions that can make access to the tank (eg, the door) less difficult, getting into a shower is always easier. A considerable advantage if you are using a health care provider is an elderly person or any person with mobility difficulties.
  • Aesthetic impact. To date, the shower enclosures offer valuable solutions from the aesthetic point of view that can not look out of place, and indeed be superior, compared to the most refined pools.

Bathtub replacement with shower: solutions and ideas

When it comes to replacing the tub with the shower, solutions and ideas are wasted. You are spoiled for choice. It develops along three lines.

  • Location. Where to place the shower? Obviously, it depends on the position of the tank. The alternatives, however, are two: in a linear manner (the box adheres to the wall only for one side) or angular (the box adheres to the wall by two sides).
  • Opening. Depending on the size of the shower cubicle, but also on the client’s personal taste, it can be accessed through a hinged, folding, sliding door, etc.
  • Material. If for profiles, in general, aluminum or steel is chosen, for what concerns the panels, the choice is abundant. In general, however, one opts for the crystal (tempered glass) or for the less expensive PVC.

Custom shower stalls.

The customer can “freely compose” his own box, deciding the size, position, opening, materials, and accessories (eg, the session).

Shower enclosure with seat.

It is possible to equip your (future) shower enclosure with a seat. An accessory, this, of fundamental importance for those who, despite having problems staying up for a prolonged time, do not want to give up the pleasure of a practical and quick shower.

“Spa” type shower enclosure.

Italdocce offers futuristic accessories that can enhance the shower moment. For example, chromotherapy, which combines the therapeutic and relaxing – almost thaumaturgical – effects of water: the box is equipped with lights that literally color the jet. Alternatively, or at the same time, it is possible to choose boxes capable of producing real steam baths, in a “sauna effect” perspective.

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