How to Turn the Bathtub into a Shower (Part 2)

Replace tub with shower, phases

But how do you proceed in practice to replace the bathtub with a shower box? As we were saying, the first operation consists of removing the old tank using the chisel and the hammer. When the tank is free, it must be removed from its housing, and the floor on which the shower tray will be installed must be thoroughly and thoroughly cleaned.

At this point on the floor, you will have a rectangular area to fill, and you can proceed in different ways:

  • A smaller shower stall is placed, and the rest repaved
  • To avoid having to pave a part of the area where the tub was located, you can buy slabs that also include a shelf on the shower tray where you can place the washing machine or a bathroom cabinet. This solution is very practical because it is faster and easier to adopt.
  • As a third alternative, you can choose a shower tray of the same size that the tub had so as to have a very comfortable space in which to be able to shower even in two at the same time.

Before proceeding with the positioning of the shower tray, think of the water pipes. In fact, it is necessary to reposition the various connections according to the specific needs dictated by the shower enclosure that you have purchased.

This is a very delicate phase, to which we must pay close attention. Connections made in an approximate way, or a drain not well connected, could, in the future, create very complicated water leaks to remedy.

Once this additional work phase is completed, and once the shower arm is positioned, the plate can be grounded. The dish must be inserted carefully, after making sure that it is straight using the spirit level, and sealed with the appropriate materials.

After isolating the wall with panels or with a layer of insulating material that protects the walls of the house from humidity, proceed with the installation of the box.

The box must be fixed with guides to the plate and made to adhere precisely to the wall. Finally, all the accessories of which the box is equipped are positioned.

How much does it cost to turn the bathtub into a shower?

The cost of the entire operation obviously varies depending on whether you decide to turn the tub into a shower with DIY, or that it is called specialized personnel, and also based on the type of shower stall you intend to install.

Nowadays, there are so many types of showers on the market. This should be chosen based on some important features :

  • The shape and dimensions of the cabin
  • The type of door
  • The taps
  • The materials used

These are the main factors that will affect the price of the entire operation.

The price to transform the tub into a shower can fluctuate significantly, from a few hundred euros to over a thousand euros. When deciding whether to work with DIY or addressing an expert, there are many different factors to consider.

If it is true that with the do-it-yourself you save, you must, however, be sure that there are no disadvantages of various kinds that could increase costs so as to nullify the savings achieved with the exclusion of skilled labor.

The most delicate aspect when replacing a tub with a shower enclosure is when the drains and water connections must be positioned: if the house is old and the pipes are in turn, it may need to be replaced to avoid problems in the future.

If the floor or wall tiles are damaged, the intervention of a professional tiler may be necessary. The time factor should not be underestimated. In a house where there is only one bathroom, making this environment unusable for a long time could become really uncomfortable.

If you work independently, the timing could last very long; on the other hand, there are companies that guarantee the completion of all the work in just eight hours, at very low costs.

  • A final aspect to keep in mind is waste disposal.

The old tank removed and any material deriving from its removal must, in fact, be disposed of according to specific regulations. If you go to a specialized company, they will be the ones to think of everything.

Going back to considering the cost of the various types of shower enclosures that can be found on the market, it is clear how it can also vary significantly. It is not only the material used that influences the price of a shower stall, but also and above all the options mentioned at the beginning.

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