How to Find the Best Company to Transform the Tub into a Shower in Veneto

If you are looking for a company to turn the tub into a shower in Veneto, you should consider some specific criteria. In this article, we provide some useful advice and offer an overview of this important (and valuable) work, focusing on the benefits it brings and on prices.

Transforming the bathtub into a shower is one of the most requested works. However, some prejudices have developed around it. For example, the perception that this work requires a long and annoying process is widespread.

Likewise, it is widely thought that one company is worth the other. This is not the case at all. Indeed, much attention must be paid to the choice of the company, mainly if the range of research includes a highly productive area such as the Veneto.

Finding the best company to transform the tub into a shower in Veneto is not easy at all, given the high entrepreneurial density of those areas.

Below is an overview of the transformation of the bathtub into a shower and some advice for choosing the company well. A name, however, we can do it right away: Azzurro Bagni, which represents one of the most convenient and effective solutions for this type of requirement.

The advantages of the shower

As already mentioned, the transformation of the tub into a shower is an increasingly requested intervention. It is not difficult to imagine why. In fact, this work allows you to enjoy some indisputable advantages.

  • Water-saving. There is no need to offer explanations. In terms of consumption, “bathing” is much more expensive than “taking a shower.” The difference can be equal to several tens of liters. Therefore, turning a bath into a shower has a favorable impact on the bill.
  • Easy to clean. This, too, is an obvious advantage in itself, or of which one becomes aware even after a few uses. Simply washing a tub is much more tiring. To clean the shower, instead, it is sufficient to use the diffuser and some specific solutions.
  • Space-saving. Again, the advantage is more than evident. Any shower takes up less space than a tub, even if it is a seat. Often the real extent of this advantage is understood; however, once the transformation is completed. That is when you experience first-hand the feeling of greater spaciousness or when you realize that it is possible to enrich the bathroom furnishings by taking advantage of the space obtained.
  • Absence of architectural barriers. The tank, in the vast majority of cases, represents an obstacle for people not in possession of complete motor function. However, low, the “wall” must be bypassed. If the bathtub is replaced by the shower, this problem disappears.

The transformation of the tub into a shower

Although the intervention has undergone a streamlining process in recent years, the transformation of the tub into a shower remains a complex operation. Obviously, it is the exclusive prerogative of specialized companies. However, it is good that even the simple consumer generally knows the stages of the transformation, in order to monitor the work of the technicians with grace and discretion.

So here is an overview of the steps that allow you to turn a tub into a shower.

  • I am cutting the old tub. The edge of the tub is carved, the tiles that surround the tub are raised.
  • Removing the old tub. The tank is raised and removed.
  • Removal of debris. The two previous phases are the only ones of the entire process to produce debris. Therefore, there is a need to remove and dispose of them before continuing with the work.
  • Preparation of the audience. This phase consists of applying heavily adhesive sealing material to the area where the stalls will be placed.
  • Installation (if any) of the new exhaust. If the need arises, the company replaces the old exhaust with a new one, more suited to a shower tray.
  • Installation of the new shower tray and connection to the drain. A very delicate operation, as it is necessary to make the shower tray perfectly adhere to the floor.
  • Wall cladding. Another delicate phase. In fact, when the tank is removed, a portion of the wall is found without a coating. There are two alternatives: finding and applying tiles identical to the existing ones; apply a new coating to all portions of the wall in contact with the future shower enclosure.
  • Installation of the box and accessories.

How long is this process? Generally, several hours. Only a few companies are able to reduce their time drastically. Among these, Azzuro Bagni stands out.

How much is the replacement bathtub with a shower?

The price is extremely variable. In fact, there are many factors at stake. What weighs most is the “quality” of the shower enclosure that will be installed instead of the bathtub, where quality means the type of materials, the number of accessories and functions. You can spend just € 1700.00 as well as € 4,500.00.

  • Bath and shower transformation (standard): from € 1700.00 to € 2000.00.
  • Transformation of the bathtub into a shower (equipped): from € 2000.00 to € 2,300.00.
  • Bath and shower transformation (multifunction): from € 2400.00 to € 4,500.00.

How to find the best company to transform the tub into a shower in Veneto

Veneto has some unique features that can make it difficult to choose a construction company. It is, in fact, an incredibly productive region with a high entrepreneurial density. The number of companies that offer this specific service is, therefore, truly abnormal. This can lead to certain disorientation. So, how to identify a company to transform the tub into a shower in Veneto? One idea is to consider some stringent criteria.

  • Quality and breadth of the offer. It is easy to say, a transformation of the tub into a shower Yeah, but which shower? The possibilities are numerous. A company that offers a good part of these possibilities, and therefore offers a wide and quality offer, is certainly worth considering.
  • Speed. Transforming a bathtub into a shower is not a simple operation. In some cases, although not to the extent suggested by the collective imagination, it can take several hours. Therefore, it is good to evaluate a company also in relation to this element. How long do you declare to put us? The ideal would be an installation process that does not go beyond six hours.
  • Convenience. Obviously, a company that imposes low prices is to be preferred to one that imposes higher prices, if this does not compromise the quality of the final result.

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