Classic Masonry Bathrooms

The classic masonry bathrooms give the house elegance and comfort. Here are some ideas to get a bathroom that is aesthetically beautiful, but also functional to the needs of the inhabitants of the house.

Over time, the bathroom has taken on a leading role within a home, so much so that today, much attention is paid to its furnishings.

With regard to the latter, personalized ideas are sought, which make the environment exclusive, aesthetically sought after, and equipped with every comfort. The classic masonry bathrooms represent the optimal solution to combine style and functionality and create a customized bathroom that meets the needs of those who live it.

The advantages of a masonry bathroom are different. First of all, they allow you to optimize any type of space, large or small, helping to complete the washbasin with shelves and shelves useful for keeping products and objects useful for daily hygiene at hand.

The wide choice of coverings is another reason to prefer this type of bathroom. Majolica, marble, granite, cement tiles, so many options to cover the wall and make it truly original, playing with colors but also with the combination of elements in wood, glass, or other materials.

Finally, the design timeless and refined bathroom masonry and its ability to blend in with the rest of the furniture, you can not find those ready to be installed.

Masonry bath, guidelines

The masonry bathroom, much used for country houses, for its rustic design, carefully designed, covered, and completed with refined elements, is perfectly suited to be integrated into modern homes. For this purpose, its design and care of every detail are fundamental.

If you do not possess interior designer skills, it is essential to turn to professionals who can develop a tailor-made project that takes into account the stylistic demands of those who must live it.

The element that characterizes this type of bathroom is the walls. These can be constructed by laying stone blocks or assembling prefabricated pieces.

This work must be carried out by a mason or a professional and must always be based on a specific project, which takes into account the available spaces, the type of coverings, the dimensions of the sink or washbasins that you intend to use and any other necessary element to give life to a perfect bathroom.

A masonry bathroom to be functional must not only create the base of the sink, but it must have floors, shelves, and containers to store the items and keep order in the room. The walls must be placed at the right distance, divide the spaces, and give life to a sort of cabinet to be completed with doors or wooden or glass tops.

Generally, the masonry baths have a base designed to house the sink, and a lower part made up of compartments and shelves, made of stone, which can be closed with wooden doors and drawers with the help of expert carpenters — giving life to a real piece of furniture capable of giving elegance to the whole environment.

The upper part can be completed with other shelves, also made of stone or other materials. If the room is large enough by masonry, you can create a real locker. Once the skeleton has been built, it must be covered with tiles, marbles, and mosaics, assembled by expert workers, if results are to be obtained that enhance the masonry.

It is important to note that masonry washbasins must be combined with sanitary ware, showers, and bathtubs in colors and features useful for defining the personality of the environment and making it welcoming and above all, balanced.

Ideas for a classic masonry bathroom furniture

The traditional character of the relaxation area of ​​a home is also determined by the materials that make up the various elements that decorate it.

Wood, marble, porcelain, and glass are those that, with their features and finishes, can help define the classic style of a masonry bathroom. For example, natural, inlaid, decorated, or even natural wood used for drawers, shelves, frames allows defining the identity of the masonry cabinet and making it unique.

Marble, granite, porcelain stoneware are essential for coverings because they are materials that offer a wide range of finishes and decorations with which to give life to particular bathrooms. Moreover, being resistant to scratches, abrasions, and high temperatures, they are those that guarantee high durability. In addition, they are easy to maintain as well as being easy to clean. As for the glass, instead, it can be useful both for the shelves and for the doors of the bathroom cabinet in masonry.

The classic bathrooms are characterized by a preference for refined shapes, decorations, inlays, and details that make the furniture soberly elegant and never go out of fashion. The masonry baths to best interpret the classic style must be completed with a round or oval ceramic washbasin, with simple lines, brass, or steel taps pointing to the traditional or retro-style ones, even the sanitary ware is to be preferred to those in the earth with rounded shapes. The latter is to be also preferred for the choice of the bathtub to be updated, perhaps with the inclusion of whirlpool or aqua therapy systems.

As for the classic bathroom wall tiles, the mosaics are certainly those that allow giving free space to the imagination and colors. The small tesserae that make up this type of coating allow the bathroom to be characterized in an original way and give rise to truly unique scenic effects.

The tiles instead of softly colored, embellished with floral decorations, or with embossed details, are another viable alternative to cover the masonry.

The latter, together with the insertion of doors, panels, or wooden shelves, represents a valid idea for a classic bathroom that never goes out of fashion. For a vintage version of the masonry washbasin, a valid idea is represented by majolica or cement tiles. The latter was also proposed again at the last edition of Cersaie, the international exhibition of ceramics and bathroom furnishings, and lend themselves very well to giving a rustic touch to the environment.

A marble or granite top, combined with a ceramic washbasin and classic bathroom wall tiles are another idea to furnish the environment in an exclusive way; the important thing is always to balance the colors well. Of course, for a classic bathroom in a workmanlike manner, the choice of the floor is also essential, which must always be based on ceramic or porcelain stoneware modules that help to emphasize and enhance the entire room. The floors can also be the same as the cladding as long as the final result is harmonious and classy.

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