Bathroom with Mosaic (Part 2)

Bathroom with mosaic: the possible solutions and materials

And it is precisely in relation to materials and solutions that we want to suggest a series of tile elements that could do just this case. In fact, the solutions can be varied, and it is good to be aware of them before choosing the one that will be the solution that best suits your needs.

The choice of the right tiles to apply to the bathroom is not only a trendy choice, but it is also a functional choice, and this is also true for the mosaic tiles that, as we will remember, can be applied well in a chic and somehow environment elegant and refined, but they can also be a very interesting point of reference for choosing a modern or ethnic environment. Everything varies, in short, also according to one’s need for style and the ability to apply these needs to aesthetic taste.

Among the materials referred to, there are:

  • The porcelain tile, maybe a favorite of the moment because not only extremely flexible but also very functional and able, therefore, to respond to any specific requirement of functionality, strength, usage.
  • The ceramic, among the most used materials, also because quite affordable from the point of view of costs.
  • The natural stone, highly sought after material and therefore also from the fairly high cost.

One might often think that mosaic tiles do not lead to an ideal choice from the point of view of cleanliness and functionality and that, on the contrary, they are only purely aesthetic choices: this is not, in fact, true, if we think that instead, they do not they are only easy to clean, but they also resist wear and the passage of time.

Bathroom with mosaic: what are the prices?

The cost of creating a bathroom with mosaic can, therefore, vary according to the needs and with its aesthetic and functional refinement: it is clear that if you want to cover the bathroom with high-quality tiles, the cost could obviously increase. Furthermore, everything also depends on the type or types of interventions you want to carry out, from any aesthetic research relating, for example, to the use of different sanitary fittings, and to possible changes such as the replacement of a bathtub with shower or with shower column.

The prices of the supply of material, installation, and labor may vary, however. But let’s look specifically at the costs of the various materials to which we can refer:

  • Monocottura: variable from 4.90 € to 45.00 € per square meter, depending on the processing and cutting of the product;
  • Majolica is, by the way, one of the most suitable and can cost from 7.90 € to 60.00 € per square meter, even then variably depending on your needs.
  • Porcelain tiles, ranging from 8.90 € to 79.00 € per square meter.
  • Natural stone, ranging from 16,00 € to 80,00 € per square meter.

As for the cost of labor for the laying of the tiles, ranging from a low of about 25.00 € to 35.00 € per square meter.

In general, also the surface of the bathroom can lead to an increase in cost or a reduction in price: however, it is always good to avoid companies that work too cheaply or in any case low cost, because sometimes a really very low cost could make the difference also from the point of view of the quality of the materials, or from the actual point of view of the quality and preparation of the workforce.

Furthermore, it is not said that the mosaic should cover the entire bathroom environment, also because, especially in large bathrooms, full coverage could represent a considerable economic expense. Furthermore, sometimes, the choice of a single mosaic wall or a single part of the bathroom covered with mosaic tiles could make the difference from an aesthetic point of view and therefore represent a precise style choice.

Bathroom with mosaic: how to save money

Obviously, what we have just defined does not mean that saving is not necessary. Indeed, it is instead true that in an age like this, in which savings can be a solution and an effective and important choice, the search for suggestions and ideas to save is certainly very important.

What, then, is the choice that could be referred to, and how can it be saved?

The right solutions for saving as far as labor and tile laying are concerned is to request a sufficient number of estimates from different companies, which clearly guarantees the possibility of carefully evaluating the proposals and, therefore, of being sure of being able to refer to an effective and qualitative relationship between the cost actually faced and the quality of the product and labor.

Never stop, therefore, only for one company or for a single estimate because this choice, in fact not very intelligent, could in some way preclude other possibilities for savings.

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