Family quarrels have increased suspiciously. My wife drives me to spend the night on the couch, but the couch is dusty and dirty. Around the devastation and inconstancy… Repair the house with the help of https://electrogardentools.com/p/best-track-saws/

Either it’s time for you to see a psychologist, or you started urgent repairs in the apartment about a couple of years ago. But it could have been prevented from the very beginning – to entrust the repair to professionals.

The first reason is you.

No, no one will judge your ability. It is difficult to cope with repairs alone, even if you were an excellent student in technology, chemistry, and physics at school. You will also need an assistant with a simple cosmetic repair of the apartment. Someone has to support the edge of the wallpaper or feed the tools. There is even nothing to explain about electrics, plumbing, and gas equipment – it is simply dangerous to do them yourself according to the lessons on YouTube.

The second reason is time.

I wanted to make a quick renovation of the apartment, but it turned out as always. And now you are renting someone else’s apartment for housing when you have your own.

Let’s get back to reality. Even refurbishment companies promise at least three months. Where are ordinary people with two hours after a work shift in the evening and a two-week vacation? You will definitely not be on time. In addition, the company cannot exceed the repair period established in the contract. But letting yourself rest for another day is too easy.

The third reason is the savings.

It seems that it will be cheaper to make repairs yourself. But it only seems to be. In the process, you may find that you will have to buy a bunch of tools (so that after they lay idle in the pantry). At the most inopportune moment, it may turn out that the tiles, for example, are missing. Only bad luck – it was taken out of production. Either buy the leftovers from someone or redo it with a different or similar tile. By the way, if you accidentally damage expensive materials, you will also have to compensate them yourself.

The fourth reason is that Plan B was not thought out.

In the midst of repairs, you will definitely come to the realization that something is going wrong. Either the walls are uneven, or the floor. The pipe will flow, the wiring will be damaged, the plaster will crack. So the budget for repairs will increase dramatically, and the term will increase. We at ROOM TO ME foresee such little things in advance. Therefore, the term and price are fixed in the contract and will not change.

The fifth reason is no time for rest.

Do you think that it is not a pity to allocate all your free time to your apartment? Just think, you have to come after work and do the repairs. Just think, you have to give up the trip on vacation with your family. It is possible to hold out for a while. But it smells like burnout. Most likely, you will soon get tired and hate the renovation?

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